Don Webster

Don Webster

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First Name * Don
Last Name * Webster
Username * websterandsonsstudio
Country * USA
City Middletown
Nationality USA
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Retired, my professional career has always been involved with imagery.

An Aerial Surveillance officer in the 60's, an illustrator supporting DOD in the 70-80's, a communications director in video and television in the 90's, I finished my day to day as a COO in the development of architectural CAD.

My oldest son, a professor, teaches computer animation at Va. Tech, and keeps me young as I keep up with Painter, Modo, Vue, Poser, ZBrush, and my own Vectorworks 3D CAD. Approaching 65, I am proud to be even associated with what this industry has developed into. A smile is on my face as I think back at my original 5" B/W screened portable ?? Osbourne. Even wide-eyed then, I could have never guessed.


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